What we have done since we started in 2002:


* Remove many tons of rubbish, cars, junk and recycling left by previous owners.

* Established 400sqm Mandala Vege garden.
* Create temporary propagation space.
* Clear weed vegetation (90%) from planting spaces (without harming native regrowth).


* Built Poultry enclosure

* Created large level space for buildings and nursery
* Floodproofing of flat spaces.
* Demolished old cow bails.
* Planted 3acres of high diversity tropical and subtropical rainforest.
* Planted 2 acres of 'showpiece' exotic tropical rainforest
* Leveled 'creekflat' for future use as event site.
* Lots of electric fencing to manage stock and wildlife.
* Re-established all access roads on property.


* Planted 1 acre of low diversity local rainforest for slope stabilisation
* Repositioned and constructed main access road.
* Built Orchid Nursery
* Begin planting Heritage Cottage garden (esp. conifers)