Wandjina Gardens strives to become Australia's new central base for ethnobotanical research and conservation.
On 180 stunning acres, this property lies on the western slope of Mt. Chincogan (Mullumbimby, Northern NSW, Australia), where several collections of botanical and ethnobotanical significance will find their new home.

Wandjina Gardens will provide a place for research and information exchange through integrated non-commercial research, workshops & conferences, guided tours, and field work.

Scientists involved in the field will establish their research facilities on site. Wandjina Gardens will become home to a large number of rare, endangered and persecuted plants species. The gardens will also feature the great local rainforest diversity and Aboriginal heritage.

Wandjina Gardens relies on community participation to become a success. Such participation will be outlined in the near future and will include internships, casual volunteer work, dedicated working bees and sponsorship.
Photo: M.S.Smith  

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