Short term plans (within 3 years) include:
* Planting of about 50-100 ac of rainforest pioneers to cover the steep upper areas of the property. The eventual rainforest will reduce weeds, improve water conservation and will create a protective microclimate for delicate tropical rainforest species from the ethnobotanical collection.
* Preparation and planting of the non-arid cactus garden.
* Building a tissue culture laboratory.
* Building quarantine station and applying for AQIS permit.

Long term plans include:
* Establishing all available ethnobotanical collections.
* Designing and establishing Aboriginal food and medicine garden.
* Designing and establishing water plants garden
* Managing new rainforest to ensure integrity.
* Building and outfitting of phyto- and pharmacological research labs.
* Establishing library, education facilities and herbarium.
* "Heritage Farm" collection of heirloom seeds and heirloom breeds.