Establishing 400sqm Mandala Vege garden

  Untreated reject hardwood sleepers (these aren't good enough to make it into railway tracks) racked up ready for treating with creosote. The area covered by the sleepers is approximately the are of what we refer to as the vegie garden. In fact, for the first 2-3 years this will be the home to all annuals maintained in our collections, including food, medicinal, toxic and rare species.
Sleepers fully treated with creosote (effective preservative, but still completely natural and biodegradable) & oil. Steel channels (upright) already in place to hold the sleepers. There will be another retaining wall on the right of this pic, but we need to relocate the septic system first (designing a reed-bed system).  
  Steel channel uprights concreted 500mm deep and up to 1m wide. These are placed directly into reactive clay, which makes such excessive use of concrete essential. We are hoping we designed this sturdy enough and so far the waterlogging caused by 10 days of unseasonal rain has not moved them at all.
Mandragora admiring the result of several days of really hard work. Retaining walls are finished.  
  The final result (aerial photo).