Remove many tons of rubbish, cars, junk and recycling left by previous owners.

  The first three months were spent on cleaning up the house, yard and property. About 22 cubic metres of metal junk were sent for recycling and about 40 cubic metres of general rubbish were taken to the tip. 4 Trailer loads of glass were sorted and recycled. 5 car bodies were wrecked and recycled.
Previous owners routine burnt or buried their household rubbish instead of disposing off it safely. All such areas were cleaned up and the top soil scooped away. This pic looks at the future retail nursery area, across the carpark and onto the house.
If you think the house is crooked, then you are right. Some of the stumps have sunk and parts of the kitchen are held up by a car jack (don't laugh, it's scary). We have friends who will soon relevel the house and restump the upper section. There is no point in doing any renovations until this is done.